CDR to Celebrate the 24th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) all month of July!

CDR and the Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) are hosting a series of events throughout the month of July to celebrate the 24th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Enacted on July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act is often viewed as the Civil Rights Act for people with disabilities. Each year we gather our community together to celebrate the great progress we have made, while also planning our work to continue to eliminate the barriers that still remain in our society. Please see below, a list of the events CDR and RCIL will be hosting this year. Join us!

Center for Disability Rights Statement Urging NYS Legislature to Support Olmstead on the Decision's 15th Anniversary

Issued on June 19, 2014

by Bruce E. Darling, President/CEO

This weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court Olmstead decision. This decision affirmed that people with disabilities have a right under the Americans with Disabilities Act to live in the community or, as the court said, the most integrated setting.

People with disabilities across the country are celebrating this anniversary with events highlighting how the decision has allowed Americans with disabilities to live in freedom and share in the American dream. In New York, however, disability rights advocates are concerned that the state legislature will not only fail to enact legislation that would implement this 15 year old decision that requires states to stop discriminating against people with disabilities, but in fact may pass legislation that effectively blocks Olmstead in the state and deny disabled New Yorkers their right to live in the community.

Last week, over 70 people from across the state rallied to urge the New York State legislature to pass legislation implementing the Community First Choice Option. When the leadership refused to commit to moving this legislation forward, 17 of the protesters were arrested.

Determination at the Negotiation Table Proves Successful in Westchester County

Justin Young, Pooled Trust AdvocateDetermination at the Negotiation Table Proves Successful in Westchester County

By Justin Young, Pooled Trust Advocate

According to the Second Addendum to the eighth New York State Department of Health Administrative Directive issued in 1996, it states “verification that the income was placed into the trust is required. In order to eliminate the need to verify this on a monthly basis, it is recommended that you advise the recipient to divert the income directly to the exception trust.” To ensure the New York State Department of Social Services offices are correctly following this policy, an ongoing initiative has been conducted by the Center for Disability Rights, Inc. Community Supplemental Needs Trust. The purpose of this initiative has been to ensure as many counties as possible follow the method of Annual Verification proving the Trust Beneficiary have placed their funds into their trust accounts on a monthly basis.

Nurse Delegation, Support Our Integration

Justin Young, Pooled Trust AdvocateNurse Delegation, Support Our Integration

By Justin Young, Pooled Trust Advocate

On May 19, 2014 I along with members from Rochester ADAPT went to the New York State Disability Awareness Day. Our plans were to disrupt the event as much as possible. Unfortunately we had to modify our strategy slightly because due to transportation issues outside our control we were not able to arrive on time thereby missing a significant portion of the event. When we arrived and made it through security, we caught the portions of the event we could make which was just before their lunch break. We spoke with staffers from Assembly Majority Leader Morelle’s office and making them aware of the Community First Choice Option for New York State. The staff members weren’t aware this issue was continuing because like us, we thought this was a done deal with passage of the Governor’s Executive Budget in early April.

Goodwill Opening Disrupted by Rochester ADAPT

Justin Young, Pooled Trust AdvocateGoodwill Opening Disrupted by Rochester ADAPT

By Justin Young, Pooled Trust Advocate

In continuation of my outrage of allowance of Section 14C of the Fare Labor Standards Act, I participated in a local action with Rochester ADAPT at the new Goodwill Store located on Dewey Avenue in Greece, NY. Section 14C of the Fare Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a federal law which authorizes employers after receiving a certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD), to pay special minimum wages—wages less than the federal minimum wage—to workers who have disabilities for the work being performed. The certificate also allows the payment of wages that are less than the prevailing wage to workers who have disabilities.

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